How do I enter a masters race?

If you wish to compete regularly in U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters races, you will need to obtain a masters license from U.S. Ski & Snowboard. There are two types of licenses or memberships: a basic masters license ($135 for 2020-21) and “masters with requirements” ($150).

If you wish to go to only one or two U.S. Ski & Snowboard masters races, you can purchase a “short term license” ($35 per day) for that event. New for 2020-21: a masters racer may purchase more than one short term membership but only at one multi-day event (excluding regional and national championships).

“With requirements” is for masters athletes who may be in private one-on-one situations with BSSEF’s minor-age athletes who are not your children. Those could include locker room interactions or if you were to give rides to a minor to or from the mountain. If you have any questions, please consult with BSSEF’s program director, Jeremy Ueland.

Once you have a masters license or short term license, you can enter any race you wish throughout the United States. All masters entries are made through We will plan a couple of optional road trips this winter as a group, or you can go on your own.