How do installment payment plans work?

As BSSEF has become active year-round, we’ve been compelled to push the Early Season pricing deadline earlier in the year for planning and cash flow purposes. However, we recognize that taking advantage of Early Season pricing – while beneficial – might cause a cash crunch for some families. So, we’re now offering installment payment options[…]

Make Deposit Online

Use the following form to make a $500 deposit. You do not have to have a BSSEF account to use this form. You may also mail your deposit: BSSEFPO Box 160134Big Sky, MT 59716

Athlete Starter

Remain at the top of the venue for the duration of the competition and announce which athletes are starting to the judges and TD. This position can be shared by several people over the course of the day.

Venue Inspection Coordinators

Be at the top of each competition venue to help athletes get into their skis and boards; show athletes where the start will be for each venue; and point out the location of judges.

Official Photographer

Take photos of athletes competing, at meetings, and at awards. Must be an experienced photographer and must provide own camera and equipment.

Radio Check-out/Check-in

Assist the event TD with distributing radios to event and volunteer staff who require radio communication.

Lunch Pick-up

Pick-up lunches for volunteers at the predetermined location and drop them off at the Madison Base Area. Distribute lunches to volunteer staff.