Volunteer Deposit


Program fees only cover a fraction of the cost of running a ski program. In addition to the generous support of our sponsors, BSSEF relies on receipts from hosting races and fundraising events to pay its bills. So, we need your help as a volunteer.

BSSEF Handbook

Consequently, we require a $250 volunteer deposit per Alpine or Freeride program registration up to a maximum of $500 per family.

Program Registrations per FamilyTotal Volunteer Deposit RequiredMinimum Volunteer Credits Required

This will be reflected at checkout as a diminishing deposit charge per registration. That way, your total deposit won’t exceed $500 if you register more than two kids:

Program Registrations per TransactionVolunteer Deposit per RegistrationTotal Volunteer Deposit

If you meet the volunteering requirements set out in the handbook, your deposit will be returned at the end of the season. See the BSSEF Handbook for details.

Volunteer Opportunities

Your volunteer deposit will automatically be added at checkout based on the number of programs you purchase. Please don’t use this page to make a deposit unless instructed to do so by the Program Director.