Nordic Competition Team

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The Competition Team is designed for skiers who are committed to training and improving their skiing on technical and competitive levels. However, it’s not just for those racing at a competitive level. The goal of the program is encourage each skier to commit to a goal and embrace the process.

The process is fun and involves being outside with your friends, climbing mountains, skiing beautiful trails, and playing games. The curriculum incorporates a block training program to ensure endurance capacity, strength training, peaking, volume, and interval training at the proper time periods throughout the winter.

Entry fees, coaching fees, travel, and accommodations related to competitions are not covered by the program fee.

Registration for the 2022-23 season is closed. Please contact for more information.

The Competition Team trains four (4) days per week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons from November 22, 2022 – March 16, 2023.

Year-round Training Option

This option is for anyone 14 or older who is interested in doing cross country ski training all year round! Following a year-round plan and incorporating training periods in blocks that are divided into weeks allows for major gains in the skier’s ability. The year-round option includes a personal training plan, Summer and Fall training (which includes long mountain runs and hikes of varying intensity), and the BSSEF Summer Series.

Dryland Fall Training Option

This option is for athletes 11 years old or older (or who were on the Competition Team or Development Team last season). The option incorporates strength training, intervals, and games.

In order to accommodate soccer schedules, formal dryland training is from October 10th through November 30th. In addition, there will be informal training twice per week from October 1st through October 9th.

No. There are a number of local races and travel races. You should just come to whichever you want. If you don’t want to do any competition but still come to all the trainings that is more than ok!

The travel races are in cool places, and a great way to bond with the team. It is a great way to have a fun weekend, even if you don’t want to raise the competitive level. That being said, if you are trying to race at a higher level, coming to the races is the best option.

Download the TeamReach app. Get the appropriate team code (Club, Devo, or Comp) from the Nordic head coach.

BSSEF offers a limited number of Skate and Classic Nordic skis to rent for the season at affordable rates. In addition, check the calendar for information about team equipment nights.

USSA age categories are generally in two year increments. For example, the U14 category includes athletes aged 12 and 13 as of December 31st of the current season.

If you are thinking of racing for points (U16 and older), you’ll need a USSA Competitor membership. If you are younger, you can get a general USSA membership.

The default meeting location for the Club Team is the Big Sky Nordic Center. The meeting locations for the Development Team and Competition Team will be posted daily to TeamReach.

Check out the Equipment page for information regarding the equipment you’ll need for each of the Nordic teams.

As BSSEF has become active year-round, we’ve been compelled to push the Early Season pricing deadline earlier in the year for planning and cash flow purposes. However, we recognize that taking advantage of Early Season pricing might cause a cash crunch for some families. So, we offer installment payment options on a limited basis.

Here’s how installment plans work:

  • Choose the Payment Plan option at check out (currently available for single order values of more than $1,000).
  • Select your down payment amount.
  • Select your payment frequency.
  • Your scheduled payments will be calculated based on the final due date of February 15, 2023.
  • Select your payment method (credit card, debit card, or bank account ACH).
  • Read the terms carefully.
  • “Sign” the payment contract electronically.
  • Click Process Down Payment.

Installment payment terms are subject to change.