Course Crew

Members of the course crew report to the Chief of Course and are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and taking down the race course and related safety equipment.

Race Administration Assistant

The Race Administration Assistant is primarily responsible for helping the Race Administrator photocopy and distribute race documents including start lists and race results.

Bib Collector and Lunch Wrangler

This volunteer performs two functions. The first is to pick up sack lunches from the designated caterer by 8:00 AM on race day and distributing the lunches to race volunteers on the mountain no later than immediately after the completion of the first set of runs for the day. The second function is to collect[…]

Scoreboard Reporter and Poster

Most races are on Hangman’s, which requires ski or snowboard access. On occasion, the finish is at the base of the Ramcharger chairlift. When that’s the case, the scoreboard is accessible by hiking. Check with the volunteer coordinator before volunteering. The Scoreboard Recorder copies down times from the electronic scoreboard at the finish and relays[…]

Assistant Starter

The Assistant Starter (also known as the Wrangler) is responsible for calling the competitors to the start in their correct order. In addition, the Assistant Starter will help the Starter and Start Referee setup and control the start area as directed.


The Starter is responsible for issuing the start command to competitors as well as for the accuracy of the intervals between these signals. The Starter coordinates with the Chief of Timing to synchronize the timing equipment prior to each run. Technically, the Starter role doesn’t require specialist certification. However, the role is best suited for[…]

Hand Timer

The Start Hand Timer must always be able to ski or snowboard. In those rare occasions when the finish¬†is at the base, it’s possible for the Finish Hand Timer to hike to position. Check with the volunteer coordinator. Hand Timers should be in position at the start or finish of the race course at least[…]

Gate Judge

Gate Judges should meet the Chief Gate Judge no later than 45 minutes prior to the start of the first race. The Chief Gate Judge will provide clipboards and document packages and will assign your position on the race course. The Chief Gate Judge or Assistant Chief Gate Judge will collect your Gate Judge cards[…]

Assistant Chief Gate Judge

The Assistant Chief Gate Judge is responsible for numbering the turning pole of each gate on the course prior to each run, acting as an alternate Gate Judge when required, and assisting the Chief Gate Judge as otherwise required.

Chief Gate Judge

The Chief Gate Judge’s responsibilities include making sure all Gate Judges are adequately supplied with pencils, gate cards, bibs, and clipboards; positioning the Gate Judges on the course well in advance of the start of each race; collecting all Gate Judge cards at the end of each run and delivering them to the Referee.