Volunteer Club Team Coach

Work with Club Team athletes on Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons. Parents of Club Team athletes will receive a program fee offset.

Coach Coordinator

The Coach Coordinator assigns coaches to groups of athletes for warm-up and race bib distribution.

Race Timing Coordinator

The Race Timing Coordinator works with Muddy Dog Sports to schedule and manage race timing.

Chief Volunteer

The Chief Volunteer is stationed at the race tent and is responsible for answering questions, ensuring other volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities, and provide support as needed.

Merchandise Salesperson

The Merchandise Salesperson is responsible for preparing and selling merchandise at the race (e.g. hats, headbands, and jackets). This includes charging and using the point of sale device (e.g. an iPad).

Bib Master and Helpers

The Bib Master and their helpers are responsible for handing out race bibs to racers (either individually or in bundles delivered to coaches) and sorting bibs (before and after the race).

Tent Captain

The Tent Captain is responsible for setting up the tent and merchandise.

Awards Manager

The Awards Manager is responsible for preparing awards and handing them out after the race.

Race Announcer

Prior to the race, the Race Announcer is responsible for setting up and testing the microphone and PA speakers. During the race the Announcer shares times, fun facts, and awards. The Race Announcer needs to have high energy!

Chip Managers

Athletes’ finish times are recorded using RFID (radio frequency identification) tags or “chips”. Prior to the race, one Chip Manager provides each athlete with a chip, which is attached to the athlete’s left ankle. At the finish, another Chip Manager collects chips.