Grill Manager & Generator Minder

This volunteer is responsible for keeping the grill going, serving hot dogs to spectators, and filling the generator with gas every two (2) hours.

Athlete Starter

Remain at the top of the venue for the duration of the competition and announce which athletes are starting to the judges and TD. This position can be shared by several people over the course of the day.

Venue Inspection Coordinators

Be at the top of each competition venue to help athletes get into their skis and boards; show athletes where the start will be for each venue; and point out the location of judges.

Radio Check-out/Check-in

Assist the event TD with distributing radios to event and volunteer staff who require radio communication.

Backpack/Hiking Terrain Coordinators

These volunteers assist athletes in getting their skis and boards loaded onto their backpacks before hiking to the competition venues. In general, help facilitate faster hiking.


The DJ must keep music age-appropriate and have enough music for 10 hours of play over two days of competition. You will be outside for the duration of the competition.


The Announcer must be knowledgeable about IFSA competitions as well as Obsidian and Zone Three features in the Headwaters area. You will be outside all day. Sponsors must be mentioned regularly.

Ski Ninjas

Ski Ninjas must hike to the top of the venue and retrieve equipment for fallen athletes. This position could require up to three (3) hikes to Zone Three in the Headwaters on Finals day.

Scoring Team (Outdoor)

The outdoor contingent of the Scoring Team runs raw scores from the event’s Technical Delegate (“TD”) to the head of the indoor Scoring Team.

Scoring & Check-in Team (Indoor)

The indoor contingent of the Scoring Team works with the Head Scorekeeper. This is the most important volunteer role at the competition. This operation must run smoothly for the event to be successful.