Terms and Conditions

Legal Authority

I am the Participant, and I am over the age of 18, or I am the parent or legal guardian of the Participant.

Medical Treatment Authorization

I recognize that medical treatment may become necessary during Participant’s travel and participation in the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation’s programs and to avoid delay of necessary medical treatment and/or that which would alleviate physical discomfort attendant to physical injury, hereby empower the coaches and staff of the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation to authorize on my behalf recommended medical treatment of Participant by any staff member of any hospital, medical doctor, emergency medical technician and/or paramedic.

Release of All Claims

I understand that competitive skiing, practicing for competitive skiing, and all of the activities associated with skiing and ski training are dangerous and physically demanding activities and that serious personal injury is a possibility. I agree to allow Participant’s participation in such activities and hereby do release the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation, Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort, their successors, assigns, officers, agents, and employees, and agree to hold said parties free from any and all claims, demands, causes of actions, and/or attorney’s fees arising out of, or in any way related to, any personal injury or property damage sustained by/to Participant while being transported to or from such activities or while involved in such activities.

Compliance with Policies

I have read and understand what is offered by the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation in the BSSEF handbook, the foundation’s web site, and other program information and agree to comply with the policies described therein. I fully understand how much organized training time is involved with the program(s) for which Participant is registering. I also understand that the time spent “gate training” may vary due to the Participant’s ability and progress. Furthermore, I recognize that the viability of the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation’s programs is dependent upon the volunteer efforts of the participants’ parents and acknowledge parents’ obligation to contribute an equitable amount of time as a volunteer.

Photo and Video Release

I authorize Big Sky Ski Education Foundation to use, edit, copy, exhibit, distribute, and use any photograph or video of Participant (the Materials) for any lawful purpose. The authorization I provide herein extends to all languages, formats, and media that have been discovered now or will later be discovered. The term of this authorization is indefinite and will be active unless I revoke it in writing. I waive my right to approve and/or inspect a product in which Participant or Participant’s likeness appears.

I agree to these conditions without compensation. I hereby waive all and any rights to all royalties or any other compensation in any form when it comes to the use of any of the Materials. I consent that the Materials will be the sole property of Big Sky Ski Education Foundation. I release Big Sky Ski Education Foundation from any liability, petitions, and causes of action caused by me or by my heirs, executives, or any other party and will hold Big Sky Ski Education Foundation harmless.

Equipment Rental

I understand, acknowledge, and agree that I am responsible for any equipment rented from Big Sky Ski Education Foundation per the terms and conditions specified on the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation’s website, handbook, or elsewhere published as of the effective date of my rental.

Complete Agreement

I have read and understood the Release of all Claims and voluntarily, willingly, and knowingly have signed this agreement, release, and authorization as evidence of my agreement to the terms herein. Also, this agreement, release, and authorization is complete in and of itself and fully operative upon my signature for the duration of Participant’s participation in the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation’s program(s).

By signing this document you may be waiving your legal right to a jury trial to hold the provider legally responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from risks inherent in the sport or recreational opportunity or for any injuries or damages you may suffer due to the provider’s ordinary negligence that are the result of the provider’s failure to exercise reasonable care.