Masters Training Day Passes


Purchase up to 10 days’ training at a time. The regular price is $75 per day. If you buy five (5) or more days at a time, the price drops to $70 per day. You’ll see the discount applied when you check out.

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Masters (18+) ski racing is designed for every level of competitor and offers regional, national, and international opportunities in all four Alpine disciplines—slalom, giant slalom, Super G, and downhill. Adult ski racers compete within their age group and for overall honors.

The program runs from 1/3/23 through 3/22/23.

  • The Full Program includes up to 24 training sessions.
  • The Half Program includes up to 12 training sessions.

Training is from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM. We will meet at the gate storage hut near the top of the Ramcharger lift. Here’s the preliminary training schedule (subject to change):

A hard-sided, FIS-approved helmet is required for GS training. In addition, we strongly recommend that participants use the correct skis and protective gear when training GS or slalom. Please contact Jack Ballard for more information regarding gear.

If you wish to compete regularly in U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters races, you will need to obtain a membership from U.S. Ski & Snowboard. See the Masters Events & Schedules page for information regarding race registration.

Joining the masters program will make you a better skier all over the mountain. That said, to get the most out of the program, you should ski at an upper-intermediate level or higher. If you can ski trails rated with blue squares at Big Sky, you can handle this program. We train primarily on Hangman’s.