Buddy Werner U14 Program

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The Buddy Werner U14 program is for athletes ages 12 to 13 (as of December 31st) who are interested in developing their Alpine ski racing and freeskiing skills. The focus of instruction is on strengthening fundamentals and improving athletes’ racing techniques.

Included in the base program fee: Training on Saturday and Sunday; rental of a team jacket for the season.

Registration for the 2022-23 season is open from 7/1/22 - 1/31/23.

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November 27, 2021 through April 10, 2022

Participation in competitions is expected. Athletes who wish to participate in USSA-sanctioned ski races must be a Competitor member of the USSA. USSA membership, race fees, lift tickets, lodging, and transportation costs related to races are not covered by the program fee.

No. Out-of-town races are time-consuming, expensive, and can distract from school and other commitments. You should not feel as if your athlete and family need to commit to every competition on the schedule. Even for highly engaged athletes, it’s possible to place too much emphasis on competitions.

That said, competitions are an integral part of the BSSEF experience, and they are a lot of fun. Not only does the experience of traveling to, and participating in, out-of-town races foster friendships among the kids, it does so for parents, too.

The team’s meeting place is directly below the Summit Hotel clock tower. Athletes should be ready to go at 8:45 AM in order to board the lift promptly at 9:00 AM.

The head coaches of each program are responsible for posting and updating training schedules to each program’s respective TeamReach group.

We feel your pain. We’re helped immensely by our sponsors, and we do our best to keep our overhead low in order to keep program prices in check. Nevertheless, program fees, equipment, and travel conspire to make skiing and ski racing expensive.

To make it less so, take advantage of early season program pricing and multi-program purchase discounts. Installment payment plans may be available on certain transactions.

Purchase used equipment via Montana Ski Racing Classified on Facebook and area ski swaps. (Bridger Ski Foundation hosts a great swap every Fall in Bozeman.) Last, but not least, make an application for a scholarship.

The age classifications for the 2021-22 ski season are as follows:

Age ClassAges as of 12/31/21Birth Year
U87 and younger2014 and later
U108 and 92012 or 2013
U1210 and 112010 or 2011
U1412 and 132008 or 2009
U1614 and 152006 or 2007
U1916 - 182003, 2004 or 2005
U2119 and 202001 or 2002
SR21 and older2000 or earlier