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Jen Avery

Jen began practicing yoga in 2001 and has had the opportunity to work with a multitude different teachers and types of yoga, including Chris Furtak, Nancy Ruby and Crystal Slater of Bozeman, as well as Jill Jackson of Big Sky. Jen has also worked on personal alignment training with Mo-Ching Yip during a yoga immersion in Boracay, Philippines. She completed her 200 level training in Raja Yoga with Jackie Chiodo of Peaceful Yoga in Montezuma, Costa Ric​a. Based on the Eight Limbed Path, Raja Yoga studies the ancient teachings of Pantajali and the Yoga Sutra to create a union between body, mind and spirit – enabling peace, health and harmony. Her yoga practice links the breath with fluid movements, using asana alignment for strong and engaged poses to protect the body, while softness is encouraged to go deeper into your practice and still the fluxuations of the mind.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Jen is a lifelong learner and athlete. Originally from Vermont, she attended Montana State University to learn, and of course play in the mountains of Montana. In 2007, she received a Bachelor degree with honors in Business Management with a minor in Political Science, returning to complete her Masters in Public Administration in 2013. Under the guidance of Reiki Masters Marge Chambry and Lisa Lord, Jen has also achieved her Reiki Level II Practitioner attunements, learning the energy pathways of Japanese reiki healing and balance. Her love for skiing and the mountains have motivated her to earn her American Avalanche Association Level I training, National EMT certification and CPR Healthcare Provider certification. Jen started Yoga Stone to share the benefits of a yoga practice with others, while continuing her quest for an open heart.