Freeride Competition Roles

Freeride Volunteer Roles

The Headwaters Spring Runoff is the signature event of Big Sky Resort and the BSSEF Freeride Team. It takes an army of volunteers for the event to work. Thank you in advance for your help!

Big Sky Resort Voucher Policy

Green Circle

These roles are suitable for volunteers who are new to freeride competition.

Blue Square

These volunteer roles don't require a lot of experience but may require a degree of physical exertion and general familiarity with freeride competition.

Black Diamond

These roles are suitable for volunteers who have significant knowledge of freeride competitions, IFSA, and the venue.

Outdoor Role

These roles require you to be outdoors and may require that you ski or snowboard. Big Sky Resort prohibits uphill travel.

Indoor Activity

These roles are conducted primarily or entirely indoors or within a shelter.

Vehicle Icon

These roles require that you have access to a vehicle.

Easy Indoor RoleMembers of the Check-in Team check athletes in and are responsible for preparing the start list for each day of competition. This is a good entry level position for volunteers who are new to freeride competitions.
Difficult Indoor ActivityThe indoor contingent of the Scoring Team works with the Head Scorekeeper (e.g. Lauren Vine). This is the most important volunteer role at the competition. This operation must run smoothly for the event to be successful.
Easy Outdoor ActivityThe outdoor contingent of the Scoring Team runs raw scores from the event's Technical Delegate or TD (e.g. Jordan Aid) to the head of the indoor Scoring Team (e.g. Lauren Vine).
Moderate Outdoor ActivitySki Retrievers must hike to the top of the venue and retrieve equipment for fallen athletes. This position could require up to three (3) hikes to Zone Three in the Headwaters on Finals day.
Difficult Outdoor ActivityThe Announcer must be knowledgeable about IFSA competitions as well as Obsidian and Zone Three features in the Headwaters area. You will be outside all day. Sponsors must be mentioned regularly.
Moderate Outdoor ActivityThe DJ must keep music age-appropriate and have enough music for 10 hours of play over two days of competition. You will be outside for the duration of the competition.
Difficult Indoor ActivityThis crew helps Mountain Operations load the snow-cat with competition equipment on Friday afternoon. On each of Saturday and Sunday, these volunteers a) unload and set-up in the morning and b) pack-up and load in the afternoon.
Moderate Outdoor ActivityThese volunteers assist athletes in getting their skis and boards loaded onto their backpacks before hiking to the competition venues. In general, help facilitate faster hiking.
Moderate Indoor-Outdoor ActivityThese volunteers help the event TD communicate between the competition venues and the Madison Base Area. This is an extremely important function that can make or break the day.
Easy Activity with VehiclePick-up lunches for volunteers at the predetermined location and drop them off at the Madison Base Area. Distribute lunches to volunteer staff.
Easy Indoor RoleAssist the event TD with distributing radios to event and volunteer staff who require radio communication.
Moderate Outdoor ActivityTake photos of athletes competing, at meetings, and at awards. Must be an experienced photographer and must provide own camera and equipment.
Easy Indoor RoleAssist the event TD to set-up and tear-down the meeting area in the Madison Base Area.
Moderate Outdoor ActivityBe at the top of each competition venue to help athletes get into their skis and boards; show athletes where the start will be for each venue; and point out the location of judges.
Difficult Outdoor ActivityRemain at the top of the venue for the duration of the competition and announce which athletes are starting to the judges and TD. This position can be shared by several people over the course of the day.