2020-21 Covid-19 Refund Policy

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our valued members as we navigate these challenging times. BSSEF will attempt to facilitate a productive and efficient program this winter in a manner that is as safe, responsible, and mindful of the ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19. As in years past, our tuition payment will be due in full at the time of registration. Payment plans are available at the time of registration online. October 15th is the program registration deadline for early season pricing.

BSSEF will offer a partial refund of tuition paid if the program length is reduced to fewer than 12 weeks, due to COVID-19 related cessation or reduction of operations at Big Sky Resort (BSR). The program start is defined as the scheduled start date of the BSSEF Youth Programs. Tuition refunds will be prorated as follows:

A typical BSSEF Alpine team season is 18 weekends of training, exclusive of camps.

  • 12 or more weekends of operation: no refunds
  • 7 to 11 weekends of operation: 40% refund
  • 1 to 6 weekends of operation: 60% refund
  • 0 weekends of operation: 80% refund

Any COVID-related refunds deemed necessary will be declared at or near the time of announcements made by the resort and/or BSSEF program. That portion kept by BSSEF will be used to support full-time employees and the administrative functions needed to keep the program viable for upcoming years.

If USSS, FIS, and/or IFSA do not have sanctioned events this winter, but BSR continues to operate, BSSEF will also plan for normal program operations consisting of skill development through training, freeskiing, and intra-program competitions.